What is Life on Semester at Sea?

  1. Eating all the pasta and potatoes you’ve never wanted
  2. Whale sightings as you watch the sunset during dinner
  3. Having classes only 7 days during the month of February
  4. Using Wikipedia for research and getting news from the ever-accurate Yahoo (Free Sites)
  5. Not having access to any social media and not minding one bit
  6. Perpetually not knowing the day of the week
  7. Having three continents of clothing in your daily wardrobe
  8. Being friends with the entire ship and being able to open up to anyone
  9. Skipping class because the curtains rocking in the union make you feel seasick
  10. A place where ‘Stand-Up Punning’ is actually considered a talent – and enough to make it into your first talent show
  11. Losing your homework in Viet Nam
  12. Eating breakfast with your professors
  13. Holding twelve kinds of currency in your wallet
  14. Having the greatest extended family in the world, and feeling like royalty when they treat you to pizza
  15. Spending 45 minutes to send one email using the ship’s WiFi (and 2 hours to send in blog posts)!
  16. Getting used to time changes as a semi-daily routine
  17. Monthly lifeboat drills
  18. Always looking forward to the next open mic night
  19. Shaving your head on Neptune Day
  20. Finding your own little ‘enclave’ or spot on the ship to make your own
  21. Making friends with everyone in the crew and feeling amazing when they begin knowing your name and small-chatting with you
  22. Remembering only how to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ in foreign languages
  23. People paying over $200 for 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies at auction night
  24. Signing each other’s world map at the end of the semester
  25. Feeling extreme amounts of pride for your sea (Bering!) and shipboard community
  26. Constantly reevaluating life and learning to place far more emphasis on interpersonal friendships- a fresh start of sorts

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