Ghana Music Video

Video and picture compilation of my Ghana experiences set to the Azonto song 'Kolom' by Buk Bak.


Street Flooding in Accra

Yesterday afternoon, I left the house to eat at a local restaurant and then visit friends in Roman Ridge, where I used to live. Shortly after my plate of Thai noodles arrived, the power went out. [...]


Tafi Abuife Kente Village

Kente weaving is an ancient art, its roots dating before 3000 B.C. This past week Drew, Adriana, and I visited the largest kente village in Ghana - Tafi Abuife. Every child in this village of [...]


Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is easily one of the most fantastic places I've been to in Ghana. After spending the night nearby at Wli waterfall, we bought $2 of bananas, hopped in a taxi, and [...]


Agent Kwadwo’s Birthday Mission

Last week, Drew and Balthazar celebrated their 17th and 18th birthdays respectively. This spy themed video was filmed during the festivities.


West African Dances

Atirique, Tuepa, Adzogbo and Agbadza. Have no fear; I shall teach you how to pronounce the names of these dances upon my return.


Kulugu Waterfall Jumping

Tour Guide: "There's only a couple of water snakes in the pool; go ahead and swim." (silence) Avery (to the Tour Guide): "Will you be swimming?" Tour Guide: "Are you nuts? There are snakes in [...]


A Quest for Coconuts

One note before watching this video: all five of my fingers are still intact. That being said, enjoy!


Ghanaian Class Reunion Parade

This video was taken near 'La Market' in Accra when I randomly happened upon a 40 year class reunion parade. The various clothing styles symbolize different secondary schools.


Study Abroad Presentation

Last Thursday I Skyped Barron Collier High live from Ghana and conducted a study abroad scholarship presentation followed by a Q&A session. Come check out the video of this event.

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