SAS Ghana: Malata Market Return

During my three days in Accra, every morning I passed through Malata Market. This market became a second home as I attended culinary school during my year abroad, and over time I learned the [...]


SAS: Ghana Highlights

Reunions: It was pretty awesome to have the opportunity to reunite with everyone whom I haven’t seen in two years. Some I was able to tell about my impending arrival, but I also thoroughly [...]


Travel Channel: Street Foods International Premiere

The premiere of the final African-themed Travel Channel special I assisted with during my year in Ghana with YES Abroad is fast approaching! This post includes the airing date as well as several [...]


Travel Channel Announcement

I am elated to announce the following dates for two African-themed Travel Channel specials that I assisted with during my year in Ghana with YES Abroad.


Melcom Shopping Center Disaster

In Ghana, I visited two malls: Accra Mall and Melcom. The former is two stories with a movie theater, Apple store, and mainly primarily designer clothing stores. Melcom is a four-story behemoth [...]


Ghana Music Video

Video and picture compilation of my Ghana experiences set to the Azonto song 'Kolom' by Buk Bak.


Favorite Places to Eat in Accra

Between chop bars [local eateries with food ready-made] and fast food, local Ghanaian food is easy to get and delicious. For foreign foods, not so much. For the ex-pats visiting or living in [...]

YES Abroad Ghana: Coming Home

It's been the better part of year since I left America for Ghana. 66 blog posts and 387 coconuts later, here I am!


Street Flooding in Accra

Yesterday afternoon, I left the house to eat at a local restaurant and then visit friends in Roman Ridge, where I used to live. Shortly after my plate of Thai noodles arrived, the power went out. [...]


YES Abroad Ghana Q&A Part Two

Part two of a question and answer session about my year in Ghana with AFS/YES Abroad.