SAS Ghana: Malata Market Return

During my three days in Accra, every morning I passed through Malata Market. This market became a second home as I attended culinary school during my year abroad, and over time I learned the intricacies of the pathways and the African market system. As the year progressed, the sellers I visited most often came to become my closest friends.
I was a bit worried that they may have forgotten me during my time away, but as soon as I arrived to the market’s entrance, the kontomire sellers yelled my Ghanaian name and greeted me with an, “Eiii Kwadwo!” Most asked where I had been, many asked if I was now married, and several remarked (as a compliment) that I had gotten fat. Following are my favorite photos from my time in the market.


ghana malata market onion sellerghana accra malata market

ghana malata market seller eating lunchghana malata market pepper seller

On my last day in Accra, I printed several 4×6 photos from two years ago and gave copies to the women in the photos.

ghana malata market return avery segal

I left the market stocked with gifts: several bracelets, the above yellow apron, many mangos, at least ten pounds of papayas, and a lifetime’s supply of agushi (watermelon seeds). Malata Market has soul, and epitomizes the differences between large retail stores/supermarkets and a community shopping experience. For this I say that Malata will always be my home.