SAS: Ghana Highlights

Reunions: It was pretty awesome to have the opportunity to reunite with everyone whom I haven’t seen in two years. Some I was able to tell about my impending arrival, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the reaction of those whom I surprised. When I came knocking on Ida’s host mom’s door, she exclaimed, “Oh my- are you a ghost?!”

ghana host mom and avery

Above: Host Mom at home

Below: Auntie Charity, my culinary school teacher, at Flair

ghana flair cooking school teacher

Two of this year’s YES Abroad students in Cape Coast:

ghana yes abroad alumni and current students

The Food: It’s been at least two years since I’ve had solid Ghanaian food. Sure, I can make it, but the ingredients can be a bit difficult to find in the US, and time is pretty limited with college classes and in college, time is pretty limited. Following are several of my favorite dishes.

Grilled tilapia:

ghana grilled tilapia

Groundnut soup with omo tuo (peanut butter soup with rice balls)

ghana groundnut soup and omo tuo

Jollof rice (rice cooked in tomato stew) with fried chicken:








ghana jollof rice with chicken

Okra stew with goat meat:

ghana okra soup

Ezile Bay Village Ecolodge: I ended my return to Ghana with two days in Ezile Bay Village. This off the beaten path Akwidda ecolodge is a beach paradise. After planning over 10 countries, it was nice to do some good old fashioned relaxing (and soccer).

ghana beach soccer with kids

ghana ezile bay village beachkids