Semester at Sea: Spring 2014 Video

550+ students, 12 countries, 4 months, 1 ship; this is Semester at Sea. From the initial embarkment in Mexico, to sailing through Asia and Africa, this video encompasses it all.


Semester at Sea Q&A

What were classes like on Semester at Sea? What was your favorite country? Did you get sick? The good, the bad, the meals of pasta and potatoes; I answer it all.


What is Life on Semester at Sea?

After 112 days visiting 12 countries and three continents, shipmates really get to know each other while aboard the MV explorer. After all this, what is life on Semester at Sea?


Semester at Sea: The Final Days

After Morocco, the ship had just four days at sea before disembarkation in Southampton. The inevitable was fast approaching, and my friends and I could no longer push away thoughts of leaving [...]


Morocco: Berber Village Trek

For two days in Morocco, Celeste and I hiked through Berber villages in the Azzaden Valley. Historically, Berbers are the natives of North Africa, often either living near mountains and farming [...]


Morocco Highlights

Time in Morocco officially began upon arriving to Jema el-Fnaa. This colorful public square in Marrakesh is host to countless orange juice sellers, snake charmers, trained apes, and later in the [...]


SAS Ghana: Malata Market Return

During my three days in Accra, every morning I passed through Malata Market. This market became a second home as I attended culinary school during my year abroad, and over time I learned the [...]


SAS: Ghana Highlights

Reunions: It was pretty awesome to have the opportunity to reunite with everyone whom I haven’t seen in two years. Some I was able to tell about my impending arrival, but I also thoroughly [...]


Cape Town: Langa Township

Under Apartheid, townships came to mean a residential area that confined non-whites (blacks, colored, or Indians) living near a residential community. When outside of designated areas or [...]


Cape Town: Hiking Lion’s Head Mountain

45 minutes into hiking Lion’s Head, I came to the realization that I was going around the mountain instead of up. I confusedly stopped a nearby hiking family walking the opposite direction to ask [...]

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