Morocco: Berber Village Trek

For two days in Morocco, Celeste and I hiked through Berber villages in the Azzaden Valley. Historically, Berbers are the natives of North Africa, often either living near mountains and farming or living by oasis’s in the deserts. We knew our tour included a guide, what we didn’t know was that a chef and mule (named Katrina) were also joining us! Following are scenes from our two day hiking experience.

atlas mountains celeste and mule

morocco atlas mountains scenery

morocco atlas mountains april scenery

morocco atlas mountains avery segal

morocco atlas mountains trek with mule

morocco atlas mountains getting around Halfway through the first day we passed a modern-day nomad camp. The circular pen made off rocks was used for keeping goats and sheep. I asked our guide how the nomads make a living, to which he said, “They steal.” I stared at him, to which he countered, “Oh wait – I mean they sell. Sorry, same word in Berber language.”

morocco atlas mountains nomad camp

Berber scarecrow:

morocco atlas mountains scarecrow

morocco mountain berber village

morocco atlas mountains berber village

Mint tea – how could I have not mentioned this in my highlights post?! This candidly sweet beverage, commonly known as ‘Berber whisky’, is pure decadence. Made from handfuls of fresh mint leaves, some looseleaf tea, and copious amounts of sugar, it really is addicting.

morocco berber whiskey

morocco berber village life

morocco atlas mountains with river