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Our journey began in San Diego, California where we took a three hour shuttle to Ensenada, Mexico. The [much quicker] coastal road collapsed last month, so we took the inland route. I haven’t had much opportunity to practice my Spanish since Colombia, so it was nice getting to translate the signs throughout the cities.

At last we arrived by the ship. Then came lines for handing over our passports, collecting our ID’s, and going through port security. I was very relieved when I finally arrived inside my room, dropped off my bags, and enjoyed a nice lunch of pasta with cod and sauteed vegetables. The birds seemed to enjoy the food almost as much as the students! At 17:00, our lifeboat drill ended and disembarkation began. Everyone came to the back of the ship to watch us depart.

As darkness approached, the ship sailed further away from land.

We’ve now been sailing on the open seas for roughly 48 hours and have another four days of classes until Hawaii.

Semester at Sea Open Ocean HDR

The above photo was taken using HDR mode on my camera, which combines three shots into one. I love how silky it makes the water.

Pink clouds at night, Sailor’s delight? That may not be the exact expression, but they were stunning regardless.

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    Beautiful sunset!

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