The Art of Punning

Puns are a lost form of art.

  • When people watch a theatre production, they laugh and/or cry with appreciation.
  • When people see beautiful paintings; they gape, taking in every minute detail.
  • When people hear a symphony of music, they close their eyes and let the music flood their soul.

Puns, on the other hand, inspire a “different” type of response. As a longtime punner (yes, that’s a real word), I know that when I say a pun, I look for two signals that it was effective.

  1. The Groan. It should be from the back of the throat, hearty, and very prolonged. Ideally, the listener should sound as if they are in as much physical pain and discomfort as possible.
  2. The Facepalm. Face and palm unite in this epic form of pun appreciation. One palm signals enjoyment, but two palms signals twice as much pleasure! Combined with a deep groan of pain and misery, this is the pinnacle display of gratitude for a pun.
The ultimate reaction to a pun

NOTE: A slight modification to the facepalm involves slapping the person who delivers the puns. Not surprisingly, I get this often; and thoroughly savor the feeling of success.

You may be surprised that laughing wasn’t listed as a signal of an effective pun, but it’s rarely to be expected. “Punning is the lowest form of humor but the highest form of wit” holds true in this manner.

All puns posted on this website are 100{3a5a0fd47fd42b6497167aecc6170a94848f1ba936db07c4954344fcfff1d528} original. Each pun is painstakingly thought of, and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I do when writing them.


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