Flair Catering School

It’s been a while since I posted a general update about my life, so here goes.

As you may remember, this past December I stopped schooling at Achimota, due to a myriad of reasons. AFS told me I would start acting school and catering school by the beginning of January, so I’ve been kicking back and relaxing for the past two months.

As it turns out, acting school was far too expensive.  But catering school has worked itself out just fine; I am now officially enrolled to one of Ghana’s top catering schools, and set to begin on Monday.

Flair Catering Service

Flair, the premier caterer in Ghana,  is over 40 years old. They’ve catered for a variety of top officials including:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Charles of England,
  • The Imperial Highness, Prince & Princess Takamado of Japan,
  • The Sultan of Brunei,
  • President Tabo Mbeki of South Africa,
  • His Excellency the Prime Minister of Malaysia,
  • The Late Emperor Haille Selasie of Ethiopia,
  • Former Secretary Generals of the United Nations, U Thant & Perez de Cuellar,
  • Former United States President, Jimmy Carter and
  • Former United States Vice President, Spiro Agnew.

At Flair, I’ll be taking one-on-one classes in both Ghanaian and continental (African) cuisine. I’ll also be learning plenty of other facts about the restaurant/catering industry;  it’ll be interesting to see the Ghanaian spin. I’ll receive my syllabus on Monday.

Coming from a foodie, Flair is a very ‘legit’ Ghanaian catering school. The workstations are professional and clean… if only it had air conditioning!

Photo from Flair’s website. Note – their countertops are truly this shiny.

One interesting thing to note about Ghanaian culinary schools is that they don’t provide tool for students to use. They expect students to buy the tools in order to have a full kitchen ready when they complete school. Meaning AFS had to spend the past week buying everything on an extremely long list of kitchen utensils…

Not to mention the second page…

Ingredients are also not provided, but I’m okay with that since I’ll be able to take all of my food home with me to enjoy.

To add to the inconvenience of a long list of supplies, there’s no extra storage at Flair. Meaning I’ll have to taxi to and from the school while carrying the required supplies for the day. That aspect of schooling is not going to be fun…

Two boxes of supplies down… ∞ to go!

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  1. Truly a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. Take a step back and realize how awesome it will be to be a professionally trained Ghanian chef. Truly awesome!

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