Napkin Folding and Table Setting

What an exciting article title! I wouldn't be surprised if some of you didn't even click out on this article because of it. Heck – I wouldn't! If I were you I would be muttering angry words about me because of this blog post. "Couldn't that Obruni think of anything interesting to write about? I mean – napkin folding and table setting?! He's in Ghana for pete's sake! What's next – a video of watching paint dry?"

My answer: Yes…. that's exactly what's coming up next.


In all seriousness, today's class on napkin folding and table setting was fascinating. I added six new napkin folds to my repertoire, and learned all about table etiquette and the technical aspects of catering.

From left to right: Sundae glass, brandy balloon, pilsner glass, slim jim glass, saucer, tulip glass, white wine glass, red wine glass, Paris goblet, and all purpose glass. Each glass serves only certain types of drinks, for a special purpose. For instance, wine glasses have their stems so that your hand does not warm the glass, while the brandy balloon curves in to capture the aroma of the drink.

I swear I could remember the names of all these spoons earlier today! Again, each has its own purpose.

Now onto table setting. If you sat down to the following plate, would you know how many courses you would be served?

The answer: three courses – bread on the left plate with a soup in the center. Those plates and the spoon would then be removed, leaving you with the fork and knife for the main dish. Afterwards, the fork and/or spoon above the plate would be used for the dessert course.

If the first course was a salad instead, the smaller salad fork would be put on the outside of the larger main course one. Silverware is always used from the far side of the plate to the near side, and knives should always be placed with the blade facing the plate.

Now onto napkin folding…

The Rose – mine is on the right.

The Cockscomb – mine on right.

The Fan

The 'Typical Drink Fold'

The Waterfall Fold

Group Photo.

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  1. Yes, I do indeed feel very special when I stumble upon a special napkin!!! Haha nice job Avery, my favorite is the rose 🙂

  2. AAAH, the art of napkin folding. I sure hope you remember how to do these; I want lessons! The rose, the cockscomb, or napkins in glasses…any would elevate a cheese sandwich to lofty meal status.

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