Spring Break in Colombia

It’s official – I made it out through midterm week alive! From endlessly memorizing Chinese characters for weather/food to analyzing the structures of Chilungu and Populuca, this week has been crazy. But now that I have, it’s SPRING BREAK TIME!

I’ll be spending spring break this year in Colombia, with a pretty awesome club I joined here at UF called OAR (Outdoor Adventure Recreation). We bought very discounted plane tickets through Spirit, and it should make a pretty awesome trip. We’ve talked about hiking, waterfall climbing, and I hope to take a cooking class (among other things). The others have mentioned bungee jumping off of an abandoned bridge… but I think I’ll leave that activity to them 🙂

So that’s my plans for spring break! I’ll be away for exactly week, and plan on journaling while I’m gone so hopefully a blog post or two can come out of it.

Random story of the day: We were learning directional prepositions in Chinese class (behind, front, etc), and had a slide showing a dog that was in front of a house. To describe the house, we had to say 狗前邊 (gou qianbian) – literally dog in front. My professor then asked where she was standing compared to us, and instead of saying 前邊 I accidentally said 狗. Which means dog. Yes… I called my professor a four legged mammal. Thankfully she was not offended, and instead just laughed at my mistake.

Happy break everyone!