Vietnam: Cái Răng Floating Market

The most accurate description for Cái Răng would actually be a ‘Floating Costco’ as it is primarily a wholesale market. Retail floating markets exist elsewhere, but Cái Răng is primarily wholesale.

Small boats sell coffee and local delicacies as the big boats stockpile fruits and vegetables.

According to Mr. Hung (our guide), the below boat holds about 30,000 coconuts.

People across Vietnam come south for the floating markets in the Mekong Delta. They spend about 5-10 days filling up their boats with fruits and vegetables before heading back home to distribute them.
Boats usually have a pole on the bow to show the kinds vegetable sold onboard.

While we were on top of a boat enjoying half of a pineapple each, a woman on the lower deck was in the process of moving an order of 1000 pineapples to the next-door boat.