Daitian Temple (代天府) and Shrimp Rice

Wei from my hostel advised me to try shrimp rice. It was ‘delicious’ and a street nearby (保安路was famous for having tasty bowls of it. I was in, despite never tasting the dish and not knowing whether it was shrimp flavored rice, shrimp fried rice, or perhaps even rice cooked by shrimp [just kidding].

One of the most interesting aspects of life in Tainan is its presence as the ancient capital. Temples and shrines are everywhere; I didn’t plan to see Daitian Temple but by chance walked by it near sunset.

daitan temple side at night

And yes, I did get my shrimp rice. It had the slightly charred flavor from being cooked in a wok, but also moist from prawn stock. I ate it with a bowl of egg soup and vegetables.

tainan shrimp rice

Going back I made sure to return to Daitian, this time stopping by the main entrance.

tainan daitan temple front night