Anping Beach: Wildfires and a Fishermans’ Hut

During our day-trip to Anping, we enjoyed part of an afternoon learning about oyster-farming and the local ecosystems as we took a boat to a secluded beach island. We weren’t sure if we could debark; two days prior there had been a bad fire. Luckily, the flames had died down and we were able to see the island. Upon arrival we couldn’t help but observe the raw power of the fire.

Tainan Beach Burned Lookout Point

Raw steel was frayed and the wooden boardwalk had been entirely destroyed.

Taiwan Beach Boardwalk Destroyed By Fire

The somberness of seeing the aftermath of a wildfire was allieved by the greatness of the beach (the Taiwan Strait). While most headed to the water immediately, I was more interested in the strange rainbow tent seen in the distance.  I loved the way the wind created natural ripples in the sand.

Tainan Fishermans' Tent on Beach

After investigating the tent firsthand and asking several locals, I discovered it served as a fishermens’ tent. When the season is right, they make camp on the beach to make as much profit as possible catching the big fish.

As I approached the tent, I noticed a crab lying upside-down on the sand. It was a big one; I assumed it was dead and walked closer to take a look. As I approached it unexpectedly flipped itself and scurried away. That scared the living daylights out of me, but I followed it to the fishermans’ hut where I took a macro shot of it.

Tainan Beach Crab

After the excitement of making friends with the crab wore out, we headed onwards to our next destination, a delicious oyster pitstop.

TUSA 2015 Group Photo Beach