Teaching English at TNFSH (台南一中)

Today marked our second time teaching English, this time at at an all-boys school. With only an hour of time on our hands, our opportunity to make an impression was short. Luckily all of our activities went off without a hitch; it ended up being one of my favorite days on the program yet.

We began by introducing ourselves and moving all of the desks except one into a circle to play ‘the wind blows’. This game involves the person without a chair in the middle of the circle calling out a trait/feature, and anyone who shares that feature has to find a new seat. Before long the game nearly turned into a tackle sport that had me occasionally cringing, but it was a lot of fun to introduce.

Next we picked out select American slang phrases to write on the board.

Tainan First High School Teaching English Slang on Board

We spent about half our time going over nearly every slang word we could think of, giving plenty of examples and real-life context. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lesson, especially the vocabulary that they could use among friends in a less-professional setting.

By the time Alan came in to take photos of our class, we happened to be doing a less exciting Q&A session. Thankfully the students were willing to help us take a *completely unposed* photograph of them enjoying our fantastic lesson.

Tainan First Senior High School Teaching English Successfully


Tainan Boys School GIF