An Afternoon in Jiufen (一個下午在九份)

For our trip to Taipei, we were essentially given two days of freedom. Round trip transportation, a hostel, and tickets to the top of Taipei 101 were provided. The rest of the weekend we could schedule as we wished. This was great because I had spent five days in Taipei when I arrived in Taiwan, now I could venture elsewhere.

I headed to Jiufen, a mountainous area by the sea. During the late 19th century Jiufen’s population and wealth exploded as they experienced a gold rush, now it was mainly known as a pretty tourist town. Everyone knows it as the town featured on the movie Spirited Away.

Jiufen Temple and Mountain View

The first place I went to was Jiufen’s main temple.

Jiufen Temple Alter

Jiufen Broom at Temple

I checked out the old street, but I was in the mood for neither souvenir shopping nor lunch. Eventually I somehow happened upon my roommate Sam, and we took a bus to the golden waterfall (黃金瀑布) together. When we got there it was stunning, but there was a fence blocking the water. We found a way around it and got our legs wet.

Jiufen Golden Waterfall 黃金瀑布

After cooling off in the water, we headed down a long road towards the ocean. I couldn’t believe the natural color of the rocks (picture unedited).

Jiufen Golden Rocks

On the way to the sea we stumbled upon an abandoned factories, likely left-over from the gold rush days. Conveniently there was a hole in a fence, so we headed in to check a factory out.

Jiufen Sneaking into Abandoned Factory Jiufen Abandoned Factory

We ended our day by walking to the ocean and relaxing by the sea.

Jiufen Seaside Hiking Jiufen Fishing while on Phone Jiufen Fishing