Epic Laundry Time & Pre-Departure Vlog

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"Epic Laundry Time" is a parody of  "Epic Meal Time." I hope you enjoy watching it!


Click Here to Watch in High Definition!

Also, here is my vlog episode #2 – a short video made at the AFS pre-departure orientation in New York.


Click Here to Watch in High Definition!

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  • Zach

    Love the Epic Meal Time parody!

  • Gerry Segal

    You’re getting edgy haha

  • Sue Segal

    Laughing out loud!!!

  • Gerry Segal

    You’ve inspired me, I’m getting rid of my washing machine!

  • Louise Segura

    Next episode could be about how to deter flies and mosquitos.
    So glad you are building character, not that you don’t already ooze with character…..
    Making your family oh so proud, eh?

  • Cathy

    That was way too funny! You are amazingly talented too! Want to do our laundry :)?

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