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roman forum 2

Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

roman forum 3

roman forum area

michelangelo moses

Michelangelo’s Moses

michelangelo pieta

Michelangelo’s Pieta

italian burger king

inside vatican city

The Papal Swiss Guard – protecting Vatican City since 1506

vatican city swiss guard

The Vatican City fire department; widely considered one of the best (and easiest) jobs in the world.





vatican city fire department

Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls

rome st. paul outside the walls basilica


rome st. paul outside the walls ceiling

Grilled sea bream

cleaning grilled sea bream

Pesto gnocchi

pesto gnocchi

Italian margarita pizza. If you want an ‘American’ margarita pizza, order the caprese.

pizza margherita

Roman style artichoke heart with wine and lemon

roman artichoke heart in wine and lemon

spaghetti frutti di mare shells

streets of rome bikes

streets of rome performers

streets of rome nun

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