Florence Photography

It takes a special city to break mama into tears upon arrival. “I feel like Michelangelo and Leonardo are standing beside me,” she repeated time after time. While I never had quite that feeling myself, I have to say it was magical. The relatively small city of Florence was the hub of the Renaissance, and even today the art influenced culture lives on.

street artist painting

street artist sketch

florence cartoon sketching competition

florence duomo top

florence duomo side

florence duomo side 2

Michelangelo Tomb Santa Croce

avery as pinocchio

All'Antico Vinaio sandwich

florence grilled vegetables

ponte vecchio mama and i

florence sunset

florence ponte vecchio by night

dog guarding wine
Dog guarding a woman’s wine glass as she goes for a second serving of aperitivo

florence amusing watermelon

After four days, we took a day trip beyond the city walls to the Tuscan countryside. We visited the cities of San Gimignano, Siena, and Pisa.

florence countryside

leaning tower of pisa mama

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