Agent Kwadwo’s Birthday Mission

 In Ghana, Videos

Last week, Drew and Balthazar celebrated their 17th and 18th birthdays respectively. This spy themed video was filmed during the festivities.


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  • Tawni

    Fantastic! Happy birthday to Drew and Balthazar!

    Avery, you make great videos. Having Adriana as a co-star of course makes them even better. (Beautiful dress, Boo! I need to get you our measurements!)

  • Cathy

    Nice job! Hope they enjoyed the party!

  • Kelly Scott

    Thank you Avery… and yes… very amusing to me!!!
    glad you reminded him to thank his mother!!

  • timothée husson

    loved it!!!!!!! 🙂

    why aren’t giving thanks to your familly balthazar ?!?!? haha 🙂

  • Enoch Harleyson

    I really loved your birthday mission guys. It was awesome.

  • Louise Segura

    Happy Birthday! What a unique way to celebrate and with BROOKIES!!!!;-)

  • joyce

    I loved yur blog happy belated birthday especially enjoyed your comments about thanking your moms for having given birth to you …you are so funny i love watcing you do your “silly walk”

    hope to see you soon Louie also reads your blogs every time you write
    see you soon

    p.s. i translated “papi chulo” for your mom

    hasta luego

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